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Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical offers humidifiers near you in Downers Grove, and throughout the surrounding  areas.

Is your home too dry? Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical can help.  With the right humidity levels, your home will feel more comfortable. 

With a humidifier, your home and your health can avoid the negative side effects of dry air during the winter. Your throat and nose can dry up making them lose their ability to capture dirt, dust, viruses and bacteria before they reach your lungs. Low humidity can also cause dry skin, dry eyes, and static electricity. Dry air is also known to cause damage to wood floors and wood furnishings, cause joint cracks in your home’s trim and moldings as well as squeaky floors.  Wouldn't it be nice to avoid or lessen the chances of these inconveniences?

This service is provided by Pro Air Heating, Cooling and Electrical. Our skilled technicians will carefully install your humidifier, ensuring  that it works well with your existing heating and cooling system. You’ll enjoy the perfect level of humidity in your home all year long.


We OFFER the humidifier or steam humidifier AND MORE THAT YOUR HOME NEEDS.

Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical is happy to provide our customers with solutions to improve indoor air quality, including humidifiers and steam humidifiers. Outside of humidifiers and steam humidifiers, we also offer the following IAQ solutions:​

You can "Trust the Pros" at Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical when you need a humidifier or steam humidfier for your home from an experienced technician.  Whether your home's heating needs are small or large, Pro Air can provide the solutions to help meet them all. Give us a call at (630) 641-5489, and we will be happy to assist you on improving your home's comfort.

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