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When summer is here, it's time to get your AC repair scheduled quickly. Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas are known for having hot and humid summers. If your air conditioner is not working you already know how important it is to get your AC repaired. Even well maintained air conditioner/cooling systems can have repairs pop up unexpectedly due to normal wear and tear from the extreme summers we experience in the DuPage County areas. Pro Air Heating, Cooling and Electrical provides reliable AC repair and AC service in and around Downers Grove, IL.

HOW DO I KNOW IF need An AC Repair or an AC Replacement?​

There are a many reasons a repair can be required, but a few noticeable signs that you need an AC repair from a Pro technician can include:

  • Your digital thermostat’s display is blank or has lost power.

  • You hear unusual noises coming from your equipment.

  • Water is leaking from your indoor unit.

  • Warm air is blowing out of the vents.

  • Air conditioner is off but air is still blowing out of the vents.

  • Thermostat indicates that is cooling but temperature keeps going up.

  • Humid and sticky inside the house.

  • High utility bill

How much is An AC Repair?

Your air conditioner is an advanced piece of equipment that requires expert AC service and knowledge in order to keep your investment running as it was intended. Several aspects go into the pricing of an AC repair, including but not limited to:

  • What part needs to be repaired

  • If your AC is under warranty

  • If AC repair is done outside of normal business hours-emergency fee may be assessed. 

What to do iF AC is short cycling?

If your air conditioner seems to be short cycling, this could be occurring for several reasons. Sometimes a few simple adjustments may be all that’s needed to repair the issue. But in many cases, it will require professional repairs from a trained and experienced HVAC technician (which is what we’re here for!)  but here a couple things to check in your home to see if the seem to resolve the problem: 

  • Check your air filter-it is recommended to replace the filter every 30 days to ensure proper air flow and to not overheat/overwork your air conditioner or cooling system.

  • Check that there are no closed vent registers- many people think that they are saving money by closing the vents in unused rooms of the house,  but this is not the case. This actually makes your AC work harder and restricts air flow which decreases the life of your AC. 

AC repair SERVICE 
When you need it

​At Pro Air, we understand the stress and discomfort that dealing with a broken unit can bring. Our AC repair teams are trained and equipped to perform professional repairs on all types of air conditioners and cooling systems. We proudly serve Downers Grove and the surrounding area’s with quality workmanship and knowledgeable service technicians, who will do everything possible to make sure your home is comfortable again.

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