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Air conditioning Installation and replacement

When looking to upgrade or replace your current cooling system, it is important to work with an experienced professional who will take homes in Downers Grove, Romeoville, Woodridge, Naperville, and Clarendon Hills, IL' specific needs into consideration when picking out the right replacement air conditioner. The Pros from Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical in Downers Grove, IL specialize in replacing and upgrading your home's central cooling system with new equipment. Working with one of our expert HVAC contractors will ensure that the new equipment is properly sized for your home, as well as installed properly to maximize efficiency and save on energy costs. We take into account the specific conditions of your home when picking out new cooling system components, including room sizes and layout, insulation ratings and window size. When replacing an air conditioner, Pro Air specializes in installing system enhancers such as dehumidifiers and additional IAQ products that maximize your comfort level throughout all four seasons.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you select the right upgrade and replacement system for your home comfort needs. During a free consultation, one of our professionals will take into consideration the age, energy efficiency and current operating condition of your current system as well as examine your home's square footage, roof structure and attic insulation before recommending replacement options. This allows us to determine the efficiency level of the new equipment while taking into account environmental factors such as air flow at your location.


Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical is here to guide you through your investment options to make sure the best air conditioner is chosen to fit your home’s unique needs. Our Pros will not compromise comfort and safety during the design/installation process. Let our residential, experienced Pros maximize your home’s efficiency, minimize cooling costs, and improve your indoor comfort and air quality even on the hottest days of the summer.

Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’ve bought a new home, adding a home addition, or you’re installing central air conditioning for the first time in your vintage home, the equipment you install impacts your comfort level all four seasons. 


Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical is here to guide you through the air conditioner comfort system design and installation process. We keep in mind the the size of your home, any hot spots, your home's existing system and how the new system will work with it when making our recommendation. Let our residential Pros maximize your home’s efficiency, minimize cooling costs, and improve your indoor comfort and air quality even on the hottest days of the summer.


Is it time to replace your Air Conditioner?


Is your air conditioner 10 years or older? Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills? With an older system, repair costs can almost be the cost of a new system. If you need to replace your air conditioner, it is important to have a skilled, experienced HVAC professional that can guide you through the installation process. Many times original heating and cooling equipment is not sized properly resulting years of inefficient operation. 


If your system is not sized properly it can lead to;

-Comfort loss when oversized, due to “short-cycling” system.

-Higher energy bills

-Possible air conditioner premature failure

-Loss of efficiency

Air conditioners are one of the most expensive and most used appliances in a home. If there is an issue, it is very noticeable and a necessity to have experts like the Pros get your air conditioning back up and running. . When buying a new air conditioner "trust the Pros" at Pro Air to recommend and install the best, efficient, reliable system for you and your home's needs. .

You can count on Pro Air to provide you with recommendations that will benefit and work with your home and keeping your comfort needs as a priority. We aim to keep our customers informed every step of the way and are sure to explain our recommendations to make sure you feel confident and satisfied with your investment.