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Founded in 1833, Woodridge became an incorporated village on April 22, 1957. The area was previously heavily occupied by Native American tribes and later used for farm lands before becoming a developed area after the integration of the railroad system. Today, it is home to a diverse community that has a great family friendly atmosphere, educational systems and public amenities. 

In Woodridge, the summers are hot and humid; the winters are frigid, windy and sees regular snow fall. Throughout the year, the temperature usually ranges from 18°F to 84°F and sometimes can see extreme weather below -1°F or above 92°F.


Is your AC or furnace in Woodridge giving you trouble? Or are you looking for a brand new heating and cooling system installation or to repair an existing system? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place! Pro Air offers professional HVAC service in Woodridge, IL to cover all your furnace and air conditioning needs.

We know HVAC equipment can

be costly to service and replace, that's why we offer top of the line heating and cooling service at a competitive price.  Our goal is to repair the unit rather than replacing the unit. In the case that the unit irreparable, we will offer you the best,


complete system recommendation for your Woodridge home's heating, cooling and air quality needs. Take advantage of our coupon offers, as well as financing options to complete the project and get your Woodridge home running comfortably. 

If your current system just can't keep up with the demands of the weather in Woodridge, allow our experienced HVAC technicians to come to your home or business in Woodridge, IL, assess your system, and provide you with pricing and informed choices on how we are able to solve your problem. 

Want to keep your current system running at optimal performance? Protect your investment and see how our Pro Precision Maintenance Program can prolong the life of your heating and cooling equipment in Woodridge, IL.

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Trust Pro Air Heating, Cooling and Electrical with other household projects such as electrical work.  We offer a variety of custom lighting installations in Woodridge, IL along with repairs to existing electrical wiring issues in your Woodridge home. 


Whether your looking to update your Woodridge home's lighting by installing sleek recessed cans in your living room, or you need to bring your circuit breaker panel up to Woodridge's code, our experienced  licensed electricians will provide high quality final results in any area of your Woodridge home. 

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