HVAC Thermostat Repair, Replace & Upgrade

A man is adjusting the thermostat on the wall

Is It Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

One of the most important features in your home is your thermostat because it regulates the flow of hot and cool air in your household. If your thermostat is more than ten years old, it’s time to seriously start considering the advantages of an upgrade or an HVAC thermostat replacement. This is because, with new advances in technology, your thermostat could be calibrated to provide more nuance and help promote better distribution of heat or cold in your household. To learn more, please get in touch with us at 630-641-5489. We are the experts when it comes to HVAC thermostat repair, replace & upgrade in Downers Grove, IL.

Choosing Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical Is the First Step

When you select Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical as your HVAC and electrical company in Downers Grove, IL, you receive the full benefit of our many years of cumulative experience. Whether you need an air conditioning repair or heater parts replacement, we have the tools and skills to get the job done the right way. Moreover, our staff is composed of licensed electricians which means that if the problem lies deeper than the surface, we can initiate the proper protocol to solve any underlying electrical issues. Give us a call to learn more about our wide variety of HVAC and electrical services.

When Is It Time to Replace a Thermostat?

Let’s dive into some reasons why it may be critical for a homeowner to replace a thermostat. To begin with, if you are experiencing inaccurate temperature readings, the problem could lie with your thermostat. Hopefully, this fix will solve any prevailing issues. However, another reason why it may be important to replace your thermostat is that the system doesn’t turn on or off correctly. Having an old or outdated thermostat could easily be the issue behind any prevailing HVAC temperature problems that you may have, and our team will be certain to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as you reach out to us at 630-641-5489.

Is My Thermostat Repairable?

If you are faced with a malfunctioning thermostat, you may be wondering whether it can be repaired versus replaced. In such circumstances, it’s important to have a serious chat with your HVAC technician at Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical. In some cases, a broken thermostat can be repaired rather than replaced. However, this will all depend on the specific issue that relates to the thermostat itself. If the repair is simple, such as a loose or damaged wire, the repair can certainly be undertaken by the experts at Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical. However, if the issue is more serious, it’s likely to be more cost effective to have the thermostat replaced.

Are There Benefits to a Thermostat Upgrade?

Are you wondering if there are advantages to a thermostat upgrade? If so, you’ve come to the right place to ask. To begin with, newer thermostats are designed with advanced features like programmable settings, which allow homeowners to set specific temperatures for different times of the day. This can certainly maximize the savings for individuals who are looking to lower their monthly energy bills. Additionally, smart thermostats offer features like remote access and voice control, which can allow homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems from anywhere in the household using voice commands. To learn more about our specific offerings, please feel free to get in touch with us at 630-641-5489.

The Power of an HVAC Thermostat Upgrade

When you choose to upgrade your existing HVAC thermostat, you are investing in property maintenance and cultivation. You receive the advantage of an improved system performance for your household, as well as additional features like zoning and humidity control, which can increase the comfort of your home. It’s the little things that count, and in the case of thermostat upgrades, you can experience something little that means a lot.

Experience Better HVAC Efficiency

Our team of talented professionals at Pro Air Heating Cooling and Electrical is ready to help! Whether you need a new HVAC inducer motor replacement or a new air conditioner fan replacement, we’re here to help. Our maintenance programs and special offers allow us to help customers on an annual and cost-effective basis. Moreover, please feel free to review our financing options as needed or desired. Right now is the best time to give us a call. If you need an HVAC thermostat repair, replace & upgrade in Downers Grove, IL, you need our valued team. We can be reached at 630-641-5489 during normal operation hours.