Do You Need Air Conditioner Parts Replacement?

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What Should You Do When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working?

An air conditioning system that isn’t working the way it should be can cause major problems. In addition to the discomfort of having to live without a functional air conditioning system, you may experience issues such as leaks or high energy bills. However, in the majority of cases, you will not have to replace your entire air conditioning system. Most issues can be taken care of by identifying the parts of your system that aren’t working the way they should be and by getting an air conditioner parts replacement. However, this makes it important to know what the various components of an air conditioning system are and how they can affect your AC and your home. 

What are the Parts of an Air Conditioning System?

An air conditioner is made up of numerous different parts. These parts can vary depending on the type of air conditioning system you have in your home as well, though most will include a few basic parts as a part of their system. 

The evaporator coils are metal coils that are cooled down by chemicals in your system. Warm air is moved over these coils to cool it down. Refrigerant is the chemical that creates the cooling effect in your air conditioning system, and the air conditioning compressor is the part of the system that moves the refrigerant throughout your unit. Meanwhile, it is the condenser coil that pulls the heat out of the refrigerant to cool it down. Meanwhile, a part called the expansion valve turns refrigerant that has been cooled into a liquid back into a gas, helping to circulate it back through your system to repeat the process.

These are the parts primarily responsible for the cooling effect in your air conditioning system. However, a number of other parts exist in your system as well and air conditioner parts replacement may be necessary if any of these parts is not functioning effectively. Some of the parts that may need to be replaced include the AC blower and the air conditioner fan.

How Do You Know Your AC Compressor Is Bad?

Needless to say, your air conditioner cannot operate effectively without a properly functioning compressor. A few signs that can indicate you require air conditioner parts replacement for a faulty compressor include:

  • Unusual sounds such as growling or clattering, as well as vibrations within your unit, indicate the compressor is unable to properly move chemicals through the system.
  • An air conditioning system that will not start. However, this may also be caused by an electrical issue, so be sure to check the breakers connected to your air conditioning system before assuming the problem is a faulty part within your air conditioning unit.
  • An air conditioning system that is not blowing cold air. This typically indicates that the compressor cannot move the refrigerant necessary to cool the air coming through your system.

The air conditioning unit in your home cannot operate without a compressor. However, air conditioner parts replacement for a compressor can be expensive. This is why replacing the unit itself may be the better option if you have an older air conditioning system or if you have experienced a number of problems with your unit indicating that an air conditioner replacement is the better investment.

What Happens When Your AC Blower Goes Out?

The blower motor is another essential component of any air conditioning system. This is the part that is responsible for pushing the cooled air through the vents and into your home. The AC blower is among the most common parts in need of replacement when you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning system. 

If there is no air being pushed into your home whatsoever, even if the air conditioning unit seems to be turning on, the blower motor is likely damaged or broken. Likewise, if your system is still functioning for the most part but is blowing less air than usual, your AC blower may be in the early stages of breaking down. In this case, it may be wise to call a professional HVAC technician to identify the issue and provide air conditioner parts replacement before it becomes a much bigger problem.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

As already mentioned, there may be some cases in which air conditioner parts replacement is not the best option. This will likely leave you wondering when you should opt for an air conditioner replacement. The most important thing to consider is the current age of your system. Generally, if it is more than ten years old, you may want to get a new system. However, the HVAC technician you work with can examine the state of your current system and work with you to determine which solution is best. 

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